Mrs. DeHaven's


Our Story

Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop has been serving Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding community since 1905.  Tulsans have looked to Mrs. DeHaven's for flowers that enhance the sentimental and emotional moments in their lives. Births, Christenings, Proms, Weddings, Theme Parties, Charity Events, Benefit Galas, Holidays and Funerals.  With our roots in the past and our eyes on the future, Tulsa has no equal in floral design.

Legends Bloom

Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop, one of Tulsa's oldest and finest businesses, began in 1905. Flowers were not prevalent in 1905 and at that juncture in retailing history, flowers were not shipped around the world with the ease of mailing a letter.  Tulsans quickly became enamored with Mrs. DeHaven's fresh and beautiful flowers.  Tulsans were not only impressed with Josephine DeHaven's floral artistry, they knew she had an eye for exquisite gifts and a flair for elaborate parties.  It is that reputation that has made Mrs. Dehaven's more than just a flower shop.

Josephine DeHaven

 What is now the thriving metropolis of Tulsa was just a pioneer settlement in Indian Territory, 1905.  The shop was established by Josephine DeHaven, who came to Tulsa along with her husband from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  They built their first greenhouse to grow flowers in 1905, and those flowers were sold in the Shackles Drug Store.  Soon the fresh cut flower business grew, and Josephine opened a "Flower Room" at Miss Jackson's fine dress shop.  As with all progressive businesses, there was growth, and after five relocations, Mrs. DeHaven's took root at its present site at 15th & Boston.  While traveling to a floral convention in New Orleans, Josephine was the unfortunate victim of an automobile accident in Tupelo,  Mississippi.  It was then that ownership of the business changed hands.  Mrs. Trula Austin, who had worked for Mrs. DeHaven since the age of 16 was named proprietor.  Until her death in 1978, Mrs. Austin carried on the fine standards and policies of business that customers had come to enjoy.

Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction is the Number One priority, not just because it's our job, but because we care.  We have a wide array of bouquets to choose from, and each is designed especially for your occasion.  Whether you want to convey sympathy, encouragement, love, or simply want to let someone know you are thinking of them.  We will prepare your gift designed especially for the occasion. 

Our Staff

Our current design staff at Mrs. DeHaven's has over 50 years of experience.  They have the artistic design as well as the horticultural expertise to support any function, from prom night corsages to the largest of weddings.  So when you think of flowers, remember the vast wealth of artistry, integrity and quality that goes into every DeHaven's arrangement.