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Mrs. Trula - Mrs. DeHaven's Signature Collection

Mrs. Trula - Mrs. DeHaven's Signature Collection


Ms. Trula

Inspired by the great ladies, Mrs. Josephine DeHaven, Mrs. Trula Austin and Ms. Gwenn Whisenhunt, who set the high level of style, service and design which has made Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop a staple of Tulsa for over 115 Years. Mrs. Trula inherited our shop from Mrs. DeHaven in 1942 and continued the high level of quality and design until her death in 1978.

The designs in this signature collection always include our most special blossoms and are designed by our most creative designers. Time is taken to give the utmost care and eye for detail. Each design includes a special ribbon and tassel so the recipient will know you ordered the best that we have to offer.

Standard This is the starting point of our Mrs. Trula Design.

Deluxe We add more flowers in this design and it is larger than the Standard.

Premium This is our most special Mrs. Trula design with even more flowers. It is a customer favorite.

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