Spring Wedding Flowers: Trending Color Palette Ideas for a Spring Wedding

Find trending color palette ideas for spring weddings. Explore vibrant hues and elegant combinations to inspire your floral arrangements.

  • Spring Wedding Flowers

Rising from the winter slumber of our planet Earth in a mass of brilliant color, spring demonstrates a sense of rebirth and surging growth as spring is the best place to hold our wedding, and celebrate our love with commitment. Whether it is melting soft pastels or lush vibrant hues that you select, the entire color scheme of your wedding day will be determined based on the color palette you choose. If you are planning a spring wedding and in search of spring wedding flower ideas and inspiration, here are some trending color palette ideas to consider:

Serene Serenity and Rose Quartz

Embrace the tranquility and romance of spring with a color palette inspired by Pantone's colors of the year: When opposites attract, these two future lovebirds, Serenity and Rose Quartz, become the perfect couple. Soft and smooth, Serenity is a calming shade of aqua evoking the sky on the day of the spring cleansing, and Rose Quartz is a tender pink tint, which more or less reminds us of the fresh spring floral colors. As a whole, these colors add to the seamless and heavenly array of hues that is so full of lushness, tenderness, and matins-sounding romance.

Botanical Greens and Blush

Bring forth the splendor of nature through a color palette that is reminiscent of the greenness of a botanical garden and the silkiness of a blush. Include hints of sage, eucalyptus, and muted fern green shades along with blush pink, dusty rose flowers from Flower Shop in Tulsa OK, and ivory color spring flowers for a touch of outside naturalness that makes your room look as if it comes straight from nature itself. Make the details pop up using gold or copper paint for a glimmer of luxury and class.

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Vibrant Citrus and Coral

To infuse your spring wedding with energy and a cheerful vibe select the family of the bright-washed orange and yellow hues as the main colors and use coral accents. Whether you like the shades of tangerine and yellow lemon, you need to wear a happy outfit the day to go with coral, peach, and warm terracotta for the bright day that will blow your senses and sharpen your mood. Incorporate some white or ivory accessories to counterbalance the top vibrancy and at the same time create the visual interest.

Romantic Lavender and Lilac

Lavender and lilac hues express the romance and magic of spring and thus should be the basis of your selections. In an atmosphere created by these soft and dreaming shades, one can feel being in a field of lavender blooming and a springtime sunset. Combining floral patterns on different shades of mauve, dusty blue, and ivory available with Tulsa Oklahoma flower delivery, will give that romantic and ethereal look that is fairy dreamlike.

Timeless Navy and Blush

In the case of the vintage and chic spring wedding job, it is highly recommended to opt for the navy blue navy and soft blush pink tulips, and the intense ivory-tone lilies from Sapulpa Florist. In this context, the Navy ensures accent and finesse, while Blush adds a soft and romantic note to the collection. Incorporate some shimmer and shine with golden or silver accents to succeed in bringing out the glamour and elegance that will make this look even more classy.

Modern Black and White with Pops of Yellow

To achieve a sleek yet unconventional-with-a-tasteful-edge spring wedding take a trick out of the colors black, white, and yellow. Monochromaticity or minimalism, black and white makes it look classic and chic, yellow in the mix adds some energy and brightness. Yellow flowers like daisies and sunflowers might give an uplifting and beautifying touch to the bright colorful wedding bouquets which are fresh and cheerful by adding value.

Boho Earth Tones with Terracotta and Mustard

Revive a vintage atmosphere by using a color palate that reminds of warmer earth tones like terracotta, mustard yellow, and olive green. Such colors, which are warm and cozy at the same time, give the impression that a relaxed and very casual atmosphere is created and it is ideal for Spring weddings. Use faded colors with materials like timber, rattan, and linen to create a boho vibe that is amazingly stylish.

Spring season is the time when, if you are into soft and still pastels, bold and bright colors, or warm and earthy tones, couples have all possible color palettes and flower options at Mrs. DeHavens Flower Shop to use, depending on their personal style and ideas for their wedding. You can choose to portray romantic and mystical color palettes and express smooth and dramatic ambiance through your chosen combination. However, you can let the colors speak for you and your date by choosing the mood and overall ambiance you will prefer for your wedding day. Be it a pastel color scheme or a bright pop, your spring wedding will express love, beauty, and a new start, thanks to the right color palette.