What is the State Flower of Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is the thirty-sixth state of the United States. Oklahoma is a land of diverse terrain, with plains and hills in the west giving way to rugged mountain ranges in the east. Its history is as colorful as its landscape, with stories of cattle barons, oil tycoons, outlaws etc.

  • Oklahoma State Flower

Oklahoma combines the stark beauty of the rugged wild west with the diverse charm of the modern day. Oklahoma is also termed as “The Sooner State” as it was the first state to enter into the Union on 16th November in 1907. The state's name is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning "red people". Oklahoma is a culturally rich state. Its art, music, food and drink well reflect these rich cultural influences. Near you in Tulsa, Oklahoma flower delivery makes easy from store to door.

Oklahoma State Flower - Oklahoma Rose

Oklahoma’s official state flower is the Oklahoma Rose (rose woodsii). In 1907, Governor Charles Haskell established the Oklahoma Rose Society and appointed J.B. White as its first president. Viola mexicana, or wild prairie violet, became the official state flower of Oklahoma in 1911. Later it was amended and the Oklahoma rose was officially adopted as the Oklahoma state flower.

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Oklahoma Rose Significance

The Oklahoma rose (rose odorata) is the present day state flower of Oklahoma. The flower was adopted as a state symbol in the year 2004. The Oklahoma rose is a deep red colored flower packed with petals.Oklahoma roses have been used in art and literature for centuries, representing everything from passion to death. They are a symbol of deep relationships, and have been given as a sign of love for centuries. The color red has many different meanings around the world. In China red stands for good luck, while in India it means fertility. In Japan it is associated with courage and strength, while in Christian culture it signifies purity and innocence. and are also thought to bring good luck in many cultures.

Oklahoma's Official State Flower Fact

-The Oklahoma rose belongs to the family of Hybrid tea roses.This rose has a beautiful fragrance, which is particularly strong during the summer months.

-These roses are found in various other colors such as pink, yellow, white, black and purple.

-Oklahoma rose flowers begin to grow in the mid of the spring season and flourish till early fall season. The Oklahoma rose blossoms are packed with 50 petals with a deep red tone with a soft feel. The red pigment is so deep that at times the blossoms give an illusion of a black colored rose flower.

-The Oklahoma rose being a low maintenance one does best in warm climates with an average amount of rainfall. it can however, survive in dry conditions if it gets enough water and nutrients.

-Oklahoma rose is used in production of dyes for clothing and body paint.

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