Best Flowers for Men to Make Him Feel Special

Isn't it right that flowers are gorgeous, lovely, and receiving them makes you feel special and cared for. Now all these emotions and the bounties of nature are for everyone to enjoy.

  • Flowers for Men

Flowers for a long time now have been considered something only for females. That flowers are way to feminie and serve no purpose in a man’s world. This notion is pretty outdated now. It was back in the day where men were only meant to send flowers or if it were for men they were from royalty. Now that flowers are widely available and the world is trying to break free from stereotypes, you must also care about flowers for men and how they feel when they start getting flowers. We bet it would be flattering. Not just romantically but you can look for flowers for men's birthday and your friends.

Here are some flower arrangements for guys that you can find at Mrs. Dehavens Flower Shop -


Among all the flowers for him, Dahlia is a personal favorite of many. Known for its shape, color and gorgeously laid out petals Dahlias are a summer growing flower but continue till all. Since these flowers are available for a long time you can definitely find this at florist in Tulsa. Dahlias are one of the few flowers that also grows in black. If you and the recipient enjoy modern, industrial aesthetics then a black dahlia is for you. If not b;ack then no worries this flower also comes in pink, yellow, purple and orange.


Classy, pretty straightforward and also pretty looking. Orchids are mostly seen in purple color but it also comes in yellow an dwhite. Not just with tiny small petals and stems, You can get yellow and white ones as well. Orchids have a detailed shape and intricate design available in various sizes big and small. You can go with a bunch of cymbidium orchids in a cylindrical vase along with Mokara orchids on the side. Instead of mixing them up you can segregate them in the same vase for a clean and well defined look.

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Birds of paradise

The most sought after flower for men is this one. Birds of paradise is a tropical bloom with pointy petals in yellow with a tint of green. This flower really does look like a bird, let your imagination flow when you look at these pretty flowers. This is a good option when you are looking for flowers for him because these flowers symbolize faith, love and thought. These flowers are best by themselves but you can mix red chrysanthemums, spider mums and sunflowers to it.

Peace lily

This flower is just extremely peaceful and serene looking. From the shape to the color, peace lilies look gorgeous. These flowers are available as a flower arrangement and also as a plant. Peace lily is a neutral flower and is easily available at florist in Broken Arrow OK. This flower is a symbol of purity, prosperity, innocence and sympathy.

These flowers are great for various events or for days when you want to make them feel special just like that. You can also get birthday flower delivery in Tulsa and get flower arrangements at your desired location.