Flowers and their Meanings: Meanings of your Favorite Flowers

All the flowers in the world represent something or the other. These flowers are here in nature to add to the beauty of the world and help us humans to express your feelings and desires. Here are types of flowers and meanings-

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These magnificent flowers are the definition of elegance. Peonies have long been used in flower arrangements, decor, wedding bouquets and more. Not only because they are pretty but also have a sweet smell and open up gently over the course of a few days. Peonies are known to symbolize love, joy, wealth, beauty and romance.


These amazing flowers are vibrant yet classy. Tulips have been a part of kingdoms in history and were a sacred flower. Tulips will just leave you amazed, on a single stem a cup like bloom appears during spring. Tulips can be organized in assorted colors in a vase or burlap, or you can go with a single color. Tulips have various colors and each color has a specific meaning.

    • Red Tulips symbolize love
    • Pink Tulips represent joy and confidence
    • Yellow Tulips represent happy thoughts
    • Purple Tulips mean royalty and luxury
    • White Tulips symbolize purity

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    These generally come in two major types oriental and asiatic or stargazer. These wonderful flowers have wide opened bent down petals with lovely yellow and brown stigma popping out. Lilies go well with any bouquet even by themselves. Lilies look great in vases and traditional flower arrangement wrapping. Lilies make a great anniversary gift. Lilies symbolize different things with various colors.

    • White Lilies represent purity, innocence and maturity
    • Yellow Lilies bring happiness and lightheartedness
    • Orange Lilies symbolize warmth, confidence and honor.
    • Pink Lilies mean love, admiration and compassion


    These extraordinary flowers are a popular choice for all, these flowers look like a string of pearls assembled over a tall stem. Orchids have a flower language of their own, different with each color.

      • Purple orchids are commonly spotted around and symbolize admiration and honor.
      • Orange orchids ones signify boldness, enthusiasm and pride.
      • Yellow orchids represent friendship and new beginnings.
      • White orchids symbolize innocence and purity.


      Also known as Larkspur, this flower is tall with blooms on the top on either side. This is a great garden flower and gives your garden a dimension, available in various colors. Delphinium looks great in wedding waterfall bouquets and flower arrangements for birthdays and formal events. Delphinium symbolizes various things like-

      • Blue Delphinium color symbolizes Dignity
      • White Delphinium represents renewal
      • Pink Delphinium symbolizes youth


      Hydrangeas are another amazing flower type, these are bushy, fluffy with blooms all over. Hydrangeas are super easy to find and have pastel tones, so it makes a great gift for children’s birthdays. Hydrangeas symbolize gratitude, beauty and grace. Hydrangeas also come in various colors like pink, blue, white and lime green.

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