Four Types Of Floral Arrangements You Should Consider

Are you considering investing in floral arrangements? Rely on your favorite floral shop: Mrs. DeHaven's.

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We often associate flower deliveries with specific events, like birthdays or holidays. But you don't have to wait for a special day to send flowers. In fact, floral shops report that 50% of their sales are attributed to non-calendar events. Some people send flowers simply to be kind, or to express love or emotions of some kind. Others may order a flower delivery to celebrate a particular type of event, like the opening of a new shop or the sale of a house. No matter what, the floral shop you work with will likely offer a number of different options. It's easy to get overwhelmed with choices when it comes to floral arrangements, which is why you might want to do some research ahead of time to help yourself determine exactly what you want out of your particular arrangement. With that being said, let's look into floral arrangement types, and what you can get out of different ones.

1. The Edible Arrangement

Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention this specific, rather recently popular type of "floral" arrangements. Edible arrangements have become so ubiquitous that in recent years some floral shops have taken to supplying them in addition to regular, traditional arrangements. These arrangements will typically be arranged to look much like typical flower arrangements, but will be full of fruit rather than flowers. Some may also include chocolate-dipped pieces of fruit as an added benefit. Of course, an arrangement doesn't have to be filled with fruit to be technically edible. There are plenty of edible flowers on the market, including pansies, marigolds, and honeysuckles. These flowers can be freeze-dried, or they could otherwise be candied with sugar and placed in a particularly flashy arrangements. No matter what type of edible arrangement you order, it can definitely be eye-catching, if a little kitschy in this day and age.

2. The Elliptical Floral Arrangement

As you may be able to guess from the name, this type of flower arrangement has floral shops making the arrangement in the shape of an ellipses. Usually, this type of arrangement is meant to showcase bright flowers, which is why you will most often see it being used for roses, sunflowers, dahlia, and lilies, along with a few other bright blooms. Due to their flashiness, you will most often see these types of flower arrangements at weddings and birthdays, though of course they could technically be given at any point in time, or for that matter with any type of flower. Your florist will simply guide you, most likely, towards bold colors if you're choosing an elliptical arrangement.

3. The Fan-Shaped Arrangement

This type of arrangement is particularly fun for florists to create, as they essentially put together flowers and other plants in the shape of a fan in this case. The leaves will almost be like flower blades, and ultimately a very bold and exciting image is created through a fan-shaped floral arrangement. Any type of flower can be used for this type of arrangement, though you may want to ask your florist about the different messages and symbols conveyed through different flowers before making a final decision.

4. Triangular Flower Arrangements

Now, this type of floral arrangement requires a bit more work and manipulation from florists than others might. Essentially, the entire bunch of flowers used in a triangular flower arrangement needs to be cut and shaped to fit the arrangement itself. This means that the arrangement will often have one big flower in the middle, and that flower will be surrounded by the smaller trimmed and shaped flowers. Again, these arrangements will usually feature bright and bold flowers, to better showcase the beauty of that center flower. They will also often be covered in glossy cellophane to keep the arrangement together as it is being gifted.

There may not be a particular message that comes with different flower arrangements, the way there are messages associated with specific flowers. But everyone wants to give an arrangement that looks gorgeous, while at the same time providing a heartfelt gesture that will be treasured.