Top 10 flowers and the suitable occasions to gift them

We have a list of the top 10 flowers and the best occasion on which you can gift them:

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Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion, ranging from birthdays to funerals. The variety of flowers available in the market is huge, and every one of them is unique and beautiful in its way. To choose from these flowers is a daunting task, but to make it easy, we have a list of the top 10 flowers and the best occasion on which you can gift them:

1. Gerberas

This is one of our most popular flowers and also the most beautiful option. Gerberas have a different charm around them, and we offer freshly plucked gerberas. The basic meaning of gerberas is happiness, with different shades implying different meanings. This flower is perfect to use as a birthday gift.

2. Geranium

The bright purple color of geranium, along with its contrasting border, is very captivating. Our geraniums are sure to bring a smile to your face and will be a perfect option for birthdays or anniversaries.

3. Daylilies

It is a very special flower because it signifies a mother's love and sacrifice. We have a good collection of daylilies which come in various colors, and one can choose the shade they like and use it as a gift this mother's day.

4. Hydrangea

Another beautiful flower with a well-contrasting tone that can be used on many occasions. We have great bouquets of hydrangeas which will serve as the perfect get-well flowers.

5. Rose

This is probably the most popular flower around the globe, and our collection of roses will make you become infatuated with it. We offer a variety of roses, and as it stands as the symbol of love, it is a perfect gift option for birthdays, valentines, get well soon, or even weddings. Stand out with your decorations this June with the best Birthday Flowers Tulsa OK. Gifting a bunch of yellow bouquets will convey loyal love towards your friendship. 

6. Carnations

They are known as the flower of gods. It can also be given to the newly parents and the baby on their shower day. Carnations by Mrs de havens have the best Flowers for new baby Tulsa OK. It also represents a woman's love and pride and hence can act as the perfect mother's day gift. 

7. Orchids

The orchid is a very attractive flower due to its color compositions. We offer fresh orchids in different arrangements that are sure to fascinate the person you are planning to gift them. The perfect occasion to gift orchids is a wedding anniversary as it symbolizes pure affection.

8. Oriental Lily 

Oriental lilies symbolize universal love and are a perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife. We offer fresh oriental lilies packed in a vase and also provide customizable gift options along with it. So, if you are taking your special one for a date, this is the perfect option.

9. Tulip

This flower is the representation of grace and elegance. Our tulips are very eye-pleasing and serve as the perfect birthday gift or can be used as sympathy flowers.

10. Sunflowers

This is the brightest and warm flower. It has a charming aura around it and can be gifted on any happy occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. What makes Mrs Dehaven's the best Flower shops in Tulsa, is that every flower we offer is charming, and we also provide combinations of different flowers made in special arrangements. Explore our site Mrs. DeHavens Flower Sho. So, be it any occasion, we have the perfect flowers for it.