Yes, Flower Shops Do Still Exist!

Unlike many other types of businesses that maintain online storefronts, flower shops actually need to maintain a fresh inventory.

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Have you ever gotten flowers you weren't expecting? Were you totally delighted when it happened? Did it make you smile? Of course!

Everyone loves getting flowers. It's a time-honored tradition to give flowers as gifts. In fact, the tradition is more than a hundred years old. In the 1800s, flowers had special meanings. You could send flowers to give someone a certain message, such as "I'm sorry" or "I love you." The language of flowers is just one fascinating thing about floral arrangements. Flower shops help keep this tradition alive -- and you may be surprised to learn that many brick-and-mortar flower shops still exist. They aren't merely online entities, even in the digital age.

Flower Shops Are Traditional, Not Old-Fashioned

Unlike many other types of businesses that maintain online storefronts, flower shops actually need to maintain a fresh inventory. New flowers come to the shop every single day so the arrangements are always fresh and beautiful. The flowers have to be arranged in vases and other vessels in an attractive way so that when they are delivered, they are display-ready. Flower shops have to maintain physical spaces and usually have physical storefronts so people can walk in during business hours to place an order.

Many flower shops today also have online storefronts where arrangements can be purchased, because in the digital age so many retailers must maintain an internet presence. It’s possible to make a flower delivery order online without ever visiting the flower shop in person. Either way, you’re supporting these flower shops.

Giving someone flowers is a beautiful way to brighten their day or tell them that they're special to you. In fact, 86% of people who responded to a survey said that receiving flowers makes them feel special. It's always nice to be able to make someone feel like that.

So when you're looking for a flower shop, what should be on your list of priorities? Do you search for local flower delivery, online flower delivery, or some other important factor? Do you know how to find the best florist in your area? Here's some helpful information.

Finding the Best Floral Shop

Many people look for a flower shop online and usually pick the first one or two they see when they're searching on the internet. However, if you take a little extra time, you will end up with flower shops that are very highly rated and good at what they do.

Would you rather see the flowers before you purchase them? You’ll want to search for flower shops that are based close to you. If you plan on making your order through online flower delivery, you won't need to worry about distance. But you should still be concerned about reputation -- so be sure to read customer reviews and look for real arrangement photos.

You can turn to flower shops for all sorts of gift basket deliveries. Some shops provide fruit, nut, and treat baskets. Edible baskets are popular and well-loved by people, too. After all, you probably aren't going to turn someone away when they’ve got cookies. If you think you may want something more than flowers, look for flower shops that offer these other types of baskets as well.

It’s easy to forget that flower shops do exist in the real world and go well beyond their online storefronts. Help support flower shops by making a purchase, even if you do it online. However, if you want to go inside the flower shop, you’ll have the option of piking he arrangement out yourself. You’ll also get to be surrounded by beautiful flowers in a place that’s full of wonderful smells and colors. You can always go to a flower shop find out what’s trendy in floral arrangements. 

Just like everything else, floral arrangements are subject to certain trends. Find out which flowers are "in" and what people are doing with their arrangements lately. You can also look at different flowers. Many people are familiar with what roses look like, but how many other flowers can you identify? Go get a look at some of them in a flower shop and give someone a unique beautiful floral arrangement.