7 Indoor Plants with Low Maintenance

Everyone loves a lush indoor garden. But busy schedules often stop people from having one. Buying indoor plants and placing them in one corner of your house is never enough.

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The plants need proper care and maintenance to stay healthy. So, if you’re a beginner or you do not have much time to invest in your indoor garden, buy low-maintenance houseplants. These plants do not take much of your time to grow and remain healthy.

Here are 7 low-maintenance plants for your home.


A member of the Succulent family, Jade is one of the popular indoor plants. The plant is a symbol of friendship, prosperity, and good luck. They spread positivity wherever they go. Jade grows best in sunshine but it can survive in partial light too. Water them once every two or three weeks and you have a healthy blooming indoor plant. Moreover, jade can enhance your home's beauty as it is fit as tabletop plants. They can also grow around 2 feet tall which makes them the perfect living room show stopper.

Peace Lily

Ditch technology when it comes to purifying the air around you. Embrace this natural air filter and place it in your indoor garden. Peace lilies efficiently purify the air and they are strong survivors. This easy-to-care-for houseplant can grow well even in low light. So, if you have a cramped space with little light for a small indoor garden, get these strong plants. Water them once a week and they will add their charm to your indoor garden.


Pothos is another air purifier that looks beautiful in indoor gardens. One of the most popular varieties of Pothos you can get via plant delivery in Tulsa is Golden Pothos. This variant with its glossy leaves and yellow marbling looks stunning in the garden area. These plants can grow well in different lighting – from low to high. However, really low lighting can reduce some of its marbling. To keep your Pothos healthy, check the soil every 7-10 days and water the plant when the top inch of the soil is dry.


Low-maintenance flowering plants are hard to find. Though it's tricky to see Kalanchoe flowers very often, their lush leaves look great too. The flowers can be white, orange, purple, or red. This succulent family plant can bear full sunlight. So, they are perfect for your window ledge. Plus, you need to water them every 7-10 days to keep them perfectly healthy.


Split-leaf philodendron looks similar to the Monstera plant. They have large lush leaves that can enhance the beauty of your living space. A low-maintenance plant, Philodendron needs water every one to two weeks. Check the topsoil. Water if the soil seems dry. Also, if you see a few wilted leaves, your plant needs water.

Money Plant

Money plant is often associated with good fortune. This indoor plant is easily available with Tulsa florists like Mrs. DeHaven’s Flower Shop. The plant grows well in sunlight as well as in low light conditions. All it needs is a little time to time pruning and water every 1-2 weeks.

Snake plant

These low-maintenance indoor plants are popularly available with Broken Arrow florists. These plants are almost eternal as they are quite impossible to kill. Snake plants can grow with very little water and different light conditions – from full sunlight to shade. Though with less light they grow slowly, they do not wither.

These houseplants are enough to start your indoor garden with. They do not ask much from you. Plus, they are excellent for your home décor. So, which ones are you getting?!