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While they may no longer be with us, the remarkable women—Ms. Josephine DeHaven, Ms. Trula Austin, and Ms. Gwenn Whisenhunt—whose legacy established the enduring standard of style, service, and design have left an indelible mark on Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop. For over 115 years, their influence continues to inspire us daily.

Our shop, which Mrs. Josephine founded in 1905, is firm in our dedication to sustaining her high standards. We are beyond honored to continue the legacy she established.

Mrs. Josephine is an integral part of our signature collection, which stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment. This collection consistently features our most exquisite flowers and embodies the artistic brilliance of our skilled designers. We dedicate the time and attention needed to ensure that each creation receives the utmost care and meticulous attention to detail.

Standard This is the starting point of our Mrs. Josephine Design.

Deluxe We add more flowers in this design and it is larger than the Standard.

Premium This is our most special Mrs. Josephine design with even more flowers. It is a customer favorite.

Mrs. Josephine - Mrs. DeHaven's Signature Collection



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