Best Christmas Flowers Exclusive Collection for Home

Looking for Tulsa OK florists who can deliver awesome Christmas flowers to your doorstep? Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop is here to solve all your flower-related problems with their top-notch service and premium quality products.

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Here at Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop, we take it upon ourselves to produce the most unique and aesthetically-appealing flower collections for Christmas, so that you can decorate your sweet home in the most beautiful way.

When it comes to Christmas flowers, there are a bunch of flowers that are absolute favorites on Christmas. 

Popular Christmas flowers that you can use in your home


Poinsettia flowers are one of the most popular Christmas decoration flowers in our country. Almost every household that are decorating their house for the festive season relies on these red or white flowers for adding the special festive touch to their homes. The golden center further brightens up the floral look of your festive interior.


Red flowers have a special place in floral Christmas décor, and Anthurium is another popular flower that are especially purchased and gifted during Christmas. Potted anthurium plants make excellent gifts for your close ones, especially those who love plants and flowers. As one of the best Tulsa OK florist, we have an extensive collection of plants and flowers for Christmas.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Many types of Orchids are highly popular during Christmas. Phalaenopsis orchids are one of them. When taken care of properly, orchids tend to stay fresh for months. This is why they make such great gifts. The receiver can enjoy them for a long time even when Christmas is over. For Tulsa flower delivery during Christmas, now you can easily pre-order from our website and get scheduled delivery of awesome flowers at your doorstep.

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    Daisies are often associated with children, innocence, purity, and everything related to babies. Then, how can we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus without daisies? Bouquets made of bright and lively daisies will look great in your living room or bedside table. Christmas decoration flowers arrangements including centerpieces also include daisies, along with other colorful flowers and ornaments.

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    Mistletoe and Ivy

      Now, we all know how important mistletoe is for Christmas decoration. You can use these hanging plants to decorate the area where you’re planning to place your Christmas tree, or the party area if you’re having one. They also look especially beautiful around the doorframes, or other tall furniture.

      Christmas Centerpiece Greens

        And finally, for Tulsa flower delivery of Christmas flowers, we at Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop make sure to bring out the best out of our floral collections for Christmas. And Christmas floral arrangements are incomplete without greens like Fir, spruce, pine cones, and such. These increases the visual appeal of the floral arrangements manifolds.

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