Best Flower Delivery for Every Occasion in Tulsa OK

If you are searching for a florist in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to deliver fresh floral arrangements in huge quantities, you can contact Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop in Tulsa.

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Who doesn't like fresh flowers? But when you need them in large quantities, it seems nearly impossible. Unfortunately, there is always a possibility that the flower delivery service can send you rotten flowers mixed with some fresh bunches.

However, if you are searching for a florist in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to deliver floral arrangements in huge quantities, you can contact Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop in Tulsa. Unlike others, we maintain our quality and make sure to deliver handpicked fresh flowers to your house. We fulfill every floral need, whether it be a wedding, marriage anniversary, birthday party, or funeral.

Who Are We?

We are an old and trustable flower delivery service in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the nearby areas. We have been in the floral business since 1905 and have established our brand through hard work. We are among the top Tulsa florist shops in Oklahoma. With our experience and neatness, we promise never to disappoint you.

Are you planning to surprise your girlfriend? Or want to express your love to your mother? Don't worry; we have something for everyone in our store. From sunflowers to roses, we import a wide range of fresh flowers for our shop. So even if you have forgotten your sister's birthday and want to wish her at the last minute, our birthday flower delivery in Tulsa will reach you within the shortest span of time.

We promise you fine quality, proper care, and patience with every floral arrangement you order. To turn your intangible feelings into tangible gifts, we offer customized bouquets, add ons, and other gifts as per your requirement. All we desire is your hundred percent satisfaction. We understand the emotions associated with sending flowers, and thus, each bouquet is specially designed for you by our local florists with love and care.

How To Order From Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop Tulsa?

Buying flowers from stores, especially in bulk amounts, can be a difficult task. But don't worry, with Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop, flower shops at Tulsa can be at your fingertips. We can send flowers online at your doorsteps once you place an order through our website. Or you can also call us at 918-583-0118 to order flowers online. So, this means the hassle of searching for the perfect flower shop in the town is over!

You can also check the customer reviews on our website to get an idea about our business and loyalty. We work hard every day to fulfill your floral needs except for the national holidays like New Year, Labor Day, Independence Day, Christmas, thanksgiving, etc. However, you can order your flowers 1-2 days before the holiday, and we will instantly deliver the flowers to your address.

After visiting the site, you can go to the occasion filter and choose the flower of your choice. If you are confused, you can also take our help to choose the perfect fit for you. The selection process is followed by confirming the drop-in address and payment. After that, you can easily pay for the order online through internet banking or any other way. Before this stage, you can also add extra gifts and cards if you want any.

Next, all you have to do is confirm the order, and your order will be delivered on the same day or the next day positively.


Even though there are many options in the town, you cannot choose a brand without knowing about it. Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop believes in transparent procedure and will always ensure your satisfaction. So, the next time you will need flowers in bulk, our shop is a must-try.