Tips for Keeping Flowers Fresh For Longer

Flowers, a visual treat to eyes. Be it a bouquet received on a special occasion as a gift or flowers you got to place in your center table vase or to make yourself feel good. Having flowers in your house is very pleasing to the eyes and to the heart as well.

  • Keeping Flowers Fresh

A lot of flower loving people bring home flowers on a regular basis. But often struggle to keep them fresh for the longest possible time. Having fresh flowers at your center table, in your living room instantly brightens up the space, spreads positivity and a sweet scent that will linger all around. Keeping flowers alive forever is not possible but you can always make most of them with your care, love and the right knowledge.

Here are some tips you can use to make your flowers to last longer -

Tip Number 1 - Choose the right vessel

First thing first, the flowers that you have got can have a short stem or a long stem. If the flowers that you have heavy blooms and short stems, the ideal vessel to pick is the one which is round in shape and has less depth. Id the sem is tall with delicate bloom that are more fragile go for a narrow vessel that has more depth to it. Do not forget to deep clean the vase before you put flowers into it.

Tip Number 2 - Do the trimming

This is a vital step that you should not miss. Take a regular pair of scissors, hold it at 45 degree angle and cut the ends of the step. This will increase the flow of water. It would be even great if you can trip away the ends while the stems are under water. That way there is be no formation of air bubbles and will help in better abortion of water and that will make fresh cut flowers last longer. Along with the step also cut away the leaves that go underwater as they can rot and cause bacteria to grow.

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Tip Number 3 - Choose the right water temperature

Clean water is most important to keep your flower bouquet last long but using the right temperature water as per the flowers you have is equally important. Generally, most flowers do well in room temperature water. In case the bouquet you have got has bulb flowers, you should use cold water for them. Remember to fill the vessel to three quarters. Also keep re-filling the vase as flowers will keep absorbing it.

Tip Number 4 - Choose a safe space

Make sure that the place you have chosen for your flower vase is away from direct sunlight, direct air of fan or air conditioner. Just make sure they get the right amount of light and air.

Tip Number 5 - Pick Complementary flowers

Don't just get blown away by the beauty of flowers. Ask your broken arrow florist to guide you to choose flowers that will last you a good amount of time. You can also then stick to a particular color palette or size. You can consider picking flowers like chrysanthemums, orchids, carnations, roses, lilies as these flowers stay fresh for longer.

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