What flowers go well with roses in a bouquet?

Whenever we plan to celebrate a special occasion or make a day memorable one thing that comes to mind are flowers. Flowers, a gift of nature, are most of the time a part of our important days as decoration, gifts, and sometimes flowering plants.

  • flowers go well with roses

Thinking of flowers, one that comes to mind are roses. Roses no doubt are one of the most gorgeous and loved flowers. But sometimes they can fall flat when arranged on their own in a bouquet. As roses go, most of the occasions you can always play around by adding flowers that complement roses which you can easily grab at Broken Arrow flower shop.

Here is a list from Mrs. Dehaven's Shop of flowers that go with roses -

Roses and Chrysanthemums

Starting off with an amazing combination. Chrysanthemum is a long stemmed flower with numerous petals. Chrysanthemum comes in shades like red, white, pink, yellow, lavender and orange. This combination of two gives an astonishing look to the arrangement. You can also pick this arrangement for this Valentine's Day with Flowers Delivery Tulsa.

Roses and Tulips

This one is a combination of two all time classics. Tulips are romantically appealing and roses are the ultimate symbol of love. When brought together in one arrangement, they become perfect for occasions like valentines. One of the ways to arrange these two flowers is to choose a dark shaded rose with a light shaded tulip in the same color family to make it more attractive and thoughtful. Both of these flowers come in a variety of shades red, pink, yellow, white, creme and peach. Another great this about these flowers is that they are widely available at Flower shops in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Roses and Daisies

In the search of what flowers go with roses up next in the list is daisies with roses. Daisies come with a long curvy step with delicate petals surrounding a dark center. Adding disease to a bouquet of roses is a step tower doing something unconventional which is equally gorgeous too. Also adding will also add a different texture to the arrangement. Daisies are easily available and are affordable too but no compromise with the final look that they bring out. They also come in hues like white, magenta, lavender, blue, peach and crimson.

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Roses and Carnations

Roses are surely beautiful on their own but roses mixed with other flowers bring out a newer perspective and enhances the beauty of the bouquet. Such one flower is carnation. This lovely flower comes with smooth ruffle like petals closely packed to the center. Just like roses, carnations also symbolize love and adoration. Roses and carnations together do on only create an arrangement that is attractive to the eyes but both of the flowers also have a natural soothing fragrance that will leave anyone mesmerized. You do not run after roses for every occasion or just choose some other flower other than roses because now you know what flowers to pair with roses to create a unique and heartwarming flower arrangement.