5 Popular Flowers that mean Friendship

Friendship is an important part of life. It can help you through tough times, and it makes you happy when others are happy. But what if your friend has a cold? Or what if your friend is having a bad day at work? These are all easy reasons why friendship flowers make for great gifts for friends!

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Here are 5 flowers for friends that represent the bonds of friendship:

1. Yellow Rose

    Yellow roses are one of the most popular flowers that mean friendship, admiration and appreciation. A yellow rose can also be used to express affection. The color itself has been used in China since ancient times as a representation of happiness and joy. Yellow roses remind us of the happy times spent with friends. It's the perfect way to show your friend you still remember their memories, even if they live far away today.


      Gerbera daisies are bright, cheerful flowers of friendship that bring color and vivacity to any atmosphere. This is because the Gerbera is a symbol of cheerfulness and innocence. Further, the flower symbolizes purity and grace. The Gerbera is a flower that is native to South Africa. These flowers come in a wide range of colors, including white, yellow, orange, pink, and red. The Gerbera is not only a symbol of friendship, but it is also a symbol of love and care. When given as a gift, Gerbera expresses affection for your friend.

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      3. Chrysanthemum

        The chrysanthemum is another popular flower that is often exchanged between friends on Friendship Day. This is because the chrysanthemum symbolizes loyalty and honesty. Chrysanthemums are also known for their cheerful appearance, which makes them a perfect gift for a friend. There are many different types of chrysanthemums, and they appear in an array of friendship flower colors like yellow, pink, orange, or peach. However, they all have one thing in common: their petals are arranged in a spiral shape. This spiral shape is said to represent the never-ending cycle of friendship. If you are looking for a flower to give to a friend, consider the chrysanthemum. This cheerful flower will let your friends know that you value their friendship.

        4. Alstroemeria Lily

          These beautiful flowers represent happiness, joy, and good fortune. They are also said to bring luck to those who receive them. A single alstroemeria lily is also a perfect gift that represents your friendship. You can combine different types and colors of Alstroemeria lilies and make a beautiful bouquet for friendship to gift your friends. These lovely flowers will let your friend know how much you care about them.

          5. Sunflower

            Sunflowers are a popular choice for representing friendship. They are associated with happiness and bring joy to those who receive them. Sunflowers are also known for their ability to follow the sun, which is seen as a symbol of loyalty. Friendship is built on trust and loyalty, so sunflowers make an ideal choice for representing this special bond. Get all these amazing flowers in your nearest Broken Arrow flower shops.

            That’s the beauty of flowers, they are beautiful and they come in all different kinds of colors. You can use them to show love, support or friendship but it will always be a way to say how much someone means to you. For doorstep flower delivery in Tulsa, place your order with Mrs. Dehavens online flower shop today!