7 Best Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements

Flowers are the most beautiful gift of nature. If you’re looking for floral Valentine’s Day 2022 ideas, you are in the right place.

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Here in this article, we have shared our 7 most amazing Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement ideas.

Floral handheld bouquets

What’s Valentine’s Day without a floral gift! Handheld bouquets are the best and most romantic gift to offer to your loved ones o Valentine’s Day. No matter what other Valentine’s Day gift ideas do you have, without flowers, it is incomplete. For Valentine’s Day flower delivery in Tusla OK, visit Mrs DeHavens Flower Shop online today!

Standing flower arrangements

Standing flower arrangements are traditional flower arrangements with a massive height. Instead of offering them by hand as gifts, or placing them on your desk or table, it is best to keep them standing on their own on the floor. For standing flower arrangements, gladioli, tulips, long-stemmed roses, carnations, sunflowers etc. look great.

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Floral strings for decoration

Floral strings and garlands are great for decorations, and is the type of flower arrangement you will want the most if you’re arranging for a surprise dinner for your partner on Valentine’s Day. Hang them from above where you’re placing the dinner table. You can also hang them around the room along with string lights for special effects. Looking for same day flower delivery in Tulsa OK? Mrs DeHavens Flower Shop is here with their amazing collection of flowers.

Floral Hearts

You can never go wrong with heart-shaped Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. Whether it’s rose, carnation, lily, hydrangea, or any other romantic flower, creating a heart-shaped floral arrangement in your house, lawn, or car will be an amazing surprise for your sweetheart.

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Floral Centerpieces

Who said that centerpieces are only for Christmas and Thanksgiving? A cozy romantic dinner with your special person can also be made special with the presence of a floral centerpiece. Look for red, pink, or white blooms to include in your centerpiece, and don’t forget the candles!

Bed of flowers

We are yet to find a more romantic floral arrangement than this one. Normally, you find beds decorated with flowers in hotels or resorts while you are on your honeymoon. However, with little effort and planning, you can recreate flower beds at our home easily. You can get small floral bouquets to attach on the corners of your bed, or strings of flowers to wrap around the railings of the bed. However, the best thing to do is create a heart shape with loose petals on the bed.

Potted flowering plants

What’s better than flowers? A whole plant that gives you an unlimited number of flowers throughout the year! Gifting potted plants, or getting a plant together is a beautiful gesture on Valentine’s Day. It is a romantic gesture that symbolizes how you picture a life together, and how you nurture things with each other. A plant is also symbolic of your relationship, which doesn’t wither with time, rather, keeps growing.